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The real life escape the room genre is a series of puzzles where players must escape from a locked area by using the environment around him/her. It's beginnings started in Japan earlier this decade, and has made its way to Saskatchewan over the past couple of years.

In District 3's escape rooms you will be locked inside for 60 minutes, while you and your team try to figure out how to escape. There are no lines to follow or set paths to traverse, just a space full of clues, hidden items, and puzzles. Anything that is not glued or bolted down can be moved and may be an integral piece in your quest to escape. There are some elements of suspense, but nothing will be jumping out at you.

District 3 Escape Rooms is a venue with different immersive experiences and stories. Just like movies in a theatre, escape rooms will be added and changed over time. Are you considering something to do in Regina? Bring on friends & family, team building, Birthdays, bachelor parties, corporate retreats, and tourists.



When Will District 3 Officially Open
District 3 is now open for business. Grand Opening will be coming soon.

Gift Cards
We offer Gift Cards in-store, which do not expire. They are excellent as a gift to someone, while at the same time making a challenge to see who's team will do better. These can also be used to purchase games and merchandise.

Each room is set for a minimum of four players, and a maximum of six at one time. Online, phone, or in-person reservations are required so that there are no overlaps between different groups. You can request a booking outside of regular business hours, and we can see if we are available.

Management can make rare exceptions for groups larger than the maximum occupancy of the rooms, but we strongly advise against it as the games and the rooms are designed according to the set capacity. There are no age restrictions. A waiver is required to be signed before playing.

After Tickets Are Purchased
More tickets can be purchased if additional players are joining you, subject to availability. You may change your booking time to facilitate your additional team members.

Arrive How Early?
We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled ticket time in order to fill-out paperwork and listen to our tips and safety speech. If you arrive after we have started your booked game, we cannot allow you inside. This would disrupt the game for the other participating players and negatively affect the schedule for the rest of the games, therefor you would have to reschedule.

There are three parking spots on the driveway north of the building, many more around the west of the building. There is also plenty of street parking all around.

Will I Actually Be Locked In the Room?
No, the entrance door will always be unlocked for exiting during gameplay, such as during emergencies. The game's timer won't be stopping.

Both washrooms are gender neutral, including one of which is handicap accessible. For the enjoyment of players, most of the areas in each Escape Rooms will be wheelchair accessible.

Teams who are able to escape before time runs out will earn bragging rights. Check out the Leaderboards the following day to see an update in the standings, how well your team did, and what Achievements you earned.

Group Functions
Whether it be a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding Party, or a Business Team Building exercise, we are certainly a fun filled destination that provides a unique thrill. Some will take it further and Challenge other departments of the same company, or even other companies in the same industry for bragging rights. Teams can come in all kinds, from businesses, industries, schools, sports, non-profit groups, and more. We offer non-alcoholic beverages, for those who wants to quench their thirst before or after the game, a good time to discuss the experience while it is fresh in people's minds. The benefit from the experience will not only be unparalleled with respects to adrenaline pumping fun, it is also a valuable experience for camaraderie with coworkers, and an insightful observation of your team's strengths.

Regina, SK. S4R 1B3
Corner with Lorne St,
four blocks north of Downtown.

Thur. to Mon: begins at 11:00am
Thur. to Tue: ends at 10:30pm
Contact us for availability on booking outside of business hours.


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